Miramar Eagles (DA005 Nest) Apr 10-11 Visit. Great News!!....

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Miramar Eagles (DA005 Nest) Apr 10-11 Visit. Great News!!....

After seeing the nest empty...(two days in a row)

I saw one adult flying and perching on the tree next to the nest..

Then I notice some movement  and zoomed in...One eaglet showed up..

The adult eagle descended to the nest and stayed briefly (more like a "touch and go" )

And then some more "flapping" and "winging" and "commotion" in the nest!!...

Zoomed out and zoomed in and then I saw the second eagle, having "materialized" into the nest!

And I was really happy to see the eaglets both...Four or five days ago I had seen one eaglet feeding on some large feathered body in the nest and concluded erroneously it was the second eaglet. But now I realized it was prey...The eaglets have been branching and I could not see them because the distance compounded with a very narrow  line of sight. Evidently the eaglets hide behind branches and leaves...But  both are alive and doing well!! That is GREAT NEWS.