Miramar Eagles (DA005 Nest) Apr 28-May1 Visits

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Miramar Eagles (DA005 Nest) Apr 28-May1 Visits

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The eaglets have fledged but they are still in their birth area...everyday flying further and higher...Both adults still come with food for the eaglets...The nest has taken a beat and is now in bad shape...but the family still has it as its primary "reunion" place...

The adults still watch the Eaglets...

Zooming in it looks is the male...

The Eaglets now spend a lot of time by the shore of the lake just enjoying the water..

A disturbance (a group of people in ATV on the dirt road) scared the eagles away...All tree in sight (an adult and two eaglets) flew to the safety of the nest...

Once the dust settled and the area was clear, the eaglets returned to the lake area..

Even a mockingbird rode along...(the small bird is on a branch in the back...)

Each eaglet have developed a very distinctive "personality"..There is one we call "The Talker" because all the time is calling, vocalizing. Both eaglets spend a lot of time together, but "The Talker" is the one "daring" the other one to follow...here is "The Talker"

Then both eaglets on the same dead palm..

This dead palm is one of the favorites perching places of one of the adults... Here a pic taken back in December of the adult perching..I suppose the adult is allowing the kids to temporarily use the place...