NOV 15: Where is Pride?

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NOV 15: Where is Pride?

Pride, the male, was last seen with his mate Jewel and confirmed by photo on October 30. Since then a single adult has appeared at the nest but almost always confirmed to be Jewel, the female or as an unidentified adult. Two have not been seen together so far in November, so this is very concerning, along with the lack of any evidence that the nest is being restored for the present breeding season. Usually they are working on the nest in late October and certainly by the second week in November.

I met Luis at the nest  this morning around 9:00 AM. No eagle sightings during the hour or so that we observed the nest and known roosts. There was a dark falcon occupying the eagles' favored roost in the large pine at the SW corner of Pines & 208th. At first we thought it might be a Peregrine Falcon because it appeared quite large, certainly bigger than the pigeon-sized Merlin which often is seen near eagle nests.. Sighting conditions were not favorable. I reviewed my photos and confirmed that it was a Merlin, not a Peregrine. Sorry I had the wrong ID when folks visiting the nest were trying to get a decent look at it.  


This morning at 6;30 AM, which is 10 minutes before sunrise,  I saw an adult eagle flying over the west Miramar wetlands. It was quite distant but clearly following the usual route frim NW to SE taken by the eagles from the Pembroke Pines nest to the large lake in Sunset Lakes. I could not say for sure, but it appeared quite large-bodied and was probably Jewel: