NOV 16: Adults attempting copulation

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NOV 16: Adults attempting copulation

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On NOV 14 Phil Martin visited the nest at 9:15 & 10:15 and there was no activity

I checked the nest and found it empty with no eagles in sight at about 10:15 AM NOV 15

This morning (NOV 16) Phil wrote and sent this photo, used with his permission::

Good morning Ken,

I got to the nest at approximately 08:16 and both adults were performing nestorations. Love was also in the air and I captured this obstructed, intimate moment.


The first egg is usually  laid within 7-10 days after successful copulation. Sometimes the male will mount the female for several days before fertilization is achieved. They will also perform this action even after eggs or eaglets are present. This reinforces the pair bond.

Emergency electrical work is necessary at the pole immediately in front of the nest. This is a matter of public safety as the street lights are out along a considerable stretch of Pines Boulevard, from SW 202nd Avenue all the way past the nest west to US-27. The work should not take too much time and I have recommended that the nest be monitored during the work. I recommended that it be completed ASAP. The female usually gets broody for a few days before laying the first egg and spends much time in the nest so we hope for as little disturbance as possible.

Over the ten years we have been collecting data from this nest, the first egg was laid between December 5th and 18th. One year it was laid on January 3,  but  this followed a breeding season in which the first brood was lost and the parents brought up a second brood which kept them occupied tending an eaglet into September. For the nine "normal" breeding season the average date for the first egg was December 7 and the median date was December 11. (See the 10-season milestone chart by clicking at this link and then scrolling back up above the FORUM page).