NOV 20 & 21: Nestorationn ongoing

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NOV 20 & 21: Nestorationn ongoing

Phil Martin provided these useful observations and photos, used with his permission. He writes:

NOV 21
I was at the nest very early this morning and stayed for quite a long time. Both adults were performing maintenance to the nest. Each taking turns to fetch sticks and jumping to the branch above the nest to perch for a couple minutes. The Bald Eagles were working at a very high level, that in all my years observing them, I have never seen. They were working at this “high level” the entire time I was there.

NOV 20

I was at the area at approximately 8:30 this morning. The female was perched on 208, while Pride was making nestorations.  After a few minutes she joined him and assisted. I added a photo of Pride departing the perch above the nest to search for nesting materials.