NOV 30: First egg has probably been deposited

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NOV 30: First egg has probably been deposited

I stopped at the nest site at about 9:00 AM (on Saturday, November 30) and watched for an hour. Four observers had been there before me. Luis had been watching since 7:30 AM, and Phil was just departing. They briefed me on events. The female (Jewel) was initially roosting in the tall Australian Pine east of the nest at the SW corner of Pines Blvd & SW 208th Avenue. The male (Pride) was deep in the nest. Jewel then flew to the nest and they exchanged duties. Pride then took up the same roost. When I arrived, I found Jewel to be barely visible deep in the nest and Pride was still roosting in the tall pine. He remained there for nearly an hour:

Pride disgorged a pellet  They consist of indigestible prey remains such as feathers, fur, teeth, and claws. Eagles have strong acid in their stomachs, so they dissolve and digest bones, unlike owls which lack acid and cast off bones as well. Some of the photographers were able to capture a view of the pellet, but I had just missed it here:

Just before I departed, Pride flew to the nest and then Jewel flew out to the northwest.  

Pride looked back towards the nest, then stretched and defecated before flying off:

Within about one minute Jewel returned with a clump of grass in her talons, surely intended as soft lining for the nest. We all have little doubt that the first egg has been deposited, probably within the last 24 hours:

My last photo shows Jewel roosting just to the right of the nest structure. She is mostly obscured by the branches of the pine tree. Pride is deep down-- Look closely, as the top of his head and his yellow beak may be seen through the sticks over to the left side of the nest: