Need more information about nest in Palm Springs North

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Need more information about nest in Palm Springs North

More information about the nest in the Village of Palm Springs North--

A ground observer has seen the pair of eagles out flying near the nest every day, mostly in the mornings

Construction has not begun on the proposed Wal-Mart. It is to be located on the corner of Miami Gardens Drive and 87th Avenue. The expansion of 87th Avenue has been completed but there is no evidence of construction activity on the site.

If anyone knows about the site plan for the shopping center, please let us know. I hope that FWC is in communication with the Village and/or the contractor to assure that no disturbance takes place near the nest during breeding season, and that the nest tree and the perimeter required under Florida Bald Eagle Guidelines are protected.

Correction-- this is not the "Mega Mall," which will be nearby but located on the other (west) side of I-75 directly across from Miami Gardens Drive.