No activity at nest OCT 31 8:30-9:15 AM

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No activity at nest OCT 31 8:30-9:15 AM

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Just got back to Florida this weekend and checked the nest yesterday morning. The nest looks to be in very good shape, but I found no eagles present there or in the usual roosting places. I am traveling again this week but hope to be back by next weekend. Thanks for watching the nest.

We should be seeing nest renovation and courtship activity, so please make spot checks during the next couple of weeks and post your observations even if negative.

Shawnlei Breeding is the new Florida Audubon EagleWatch Program Coordinator. See her note about posting data entries at the online nest data portal at It may be viewed in this FORUM at THIS LINK

You are encouraged to join in this Statewide program by volunteering to send in a nest monitoring report about every two weeks. It will become part of the data base for all Bald Eagle nests in Florida. You may contact Shawnlei either via the Web site or e-mail at: