No eagles at nest 8:15 to 9:15 AM and again at 10:15 OCT 5

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No eagles at nest 8:15 to 9:15 AM and again at 10:15 OCT 5

I watched the nest for an hour and then visited Chapel Trail Nature center for an hour. Came back at 10:15 just to check, but at no time did I see either of the eagles. I was hoping to see sign of nest construction or courtship. Please report any such observations.

I think I need to pick a better time, as I have often seen at least one of the pair fly out about a half hour after sunrise to go fishing (or robbing Ospreys).

All major work electrical line work appears to be concluded in front of the nest. The "curly-Qs" have been added on the lines to improve their visibility to the eagles. The sawed-off old power poles still carry two communications cables, so maybe they will need to be removed in the future.

Many of the Melaleucas in the vicinity of the lines and especially the poles have been cut down, so the area in front of the nest is now a clear corridor. Best views are directly in front, either from the opposite side of Pines Blvd or on the median. There is another sweet spot to the NE of the nest, on the median just past the "End School Zone" sign a few yards east of the main viewing point, as illustrated below.

View from the median in front of the nest.

Same vantage point, close-up.

View from NE, about 4 yards east of the "End School Zone" sign on median.