OCT 22: Both adults roosting near nest this morning

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OCT 22: Both adults roosting near nest this morning

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I checked out the nest at 10:15 AM and found it empty and no clear evidence that the eagles have started  "nestoration." I walked down Pines to the corner of 208th and did not see any in the usual roosts. Just as I was about to give up, the adult male (Pride) flew in and roosted high in one of the tall pines on the SW corner. He was out of sight so I walked up high on the sidewalk for a better view and found the male and also the female (Jewel) who was roosting in an adjacent tree. This will be the twelfth year they have occupied this site. Nineteen eaglets have fledged out of the 25 known to have hatched over the years. They are expected to start restoring the nest, which has deteriorated over the summer.



Jewel was preeoing:

I think she looked like Santa Claws saying: "Don't tell me about the other kids-- have you been naughty or nice?"

The nest this morning:

Both eagles are visible-- male on left:

A closer look-- now can you see them?:

A small falcon flew over-- it was a Merlin:

Beautiful Dainty Sulphur butterfly along the road: