OCT 28: Utility work in front of nest

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OCT 28: Utility work in front of nest

Phil Martin writes (October 28):

Good morning Ken,
I was at the nest this morning at 9:55. FPL was digging in front of the nest. The Female was perched above the nest, she flew to the tree on 208, where she perched for approximately 5 minutes and departed. She orbited the area, that flew north/west.

Phil's photo used with permission:

I replied:

Thanks! Nice photo! I just missed you-- I arrived there at 10:07 AM. The male (Pride) was roosting on the right support branch and I looked for Jewel but did not see her in the nest or on the tree at 208th.

The contractors were stringing a line  or pipe through a conduit which runs underground in front of the nest. The nest was not visible from the location where they had excavated.

My photos: