OCT 30: Male eagle roosting near nest

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OCT 30: Male eagle roosting near nest

After a visit to Chapel Trail Nature Preserve I stopped by the Pembroke Pines nest around 9:45 AM and found no eagles there and the nest structure appeared to be unchanged:


At first I thought I saw the form of an eagle in one of the tall pines, so I walked east along the side of Pines Boulevard. The sidewalk was closed because of ongoing construction of the traffic light structure at the cornier of 208th Avenue. After getting halfway to the corner I could not see what I thought was an eagle so I gave up searching and returned to my car.

While driving back east I saw Phil and Luis waving at me, so I did a U-turn and returned to join them. they had been observing the male eagle (Pride) for some time! He was occupying a different perch which was partly obscured from the west,

The female (Jewel) was not seen.

A bonus sighting earlier at Chapel Trail was an adult female Raccoon and her nearly grown youngster:

Also of interest was a Coyote I saw in west Miramar the previous morning: