October 22 Eagle Sanctuary Steering Committee plans Eagle Cam

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October 22 Eagle Sanctuary Steering Committee plans Eagle Cam

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The Pembroke Pines Bald Eagle Sanctuary Steering Committee met on October 22 and made a commitment to obtain funding and install a Nest Cam before the beginning of the 2010 nesting season, which begins on October 1. While this sounds like a lot of time, the Committee will be hard pressed to meet this deadline.

Funding is by no means certain. Decisions must be made about where the camera should be placed, what kind of equipment and resources will be needed, initially and ongoing, (e.g., camera, platform, electric power, internet connection, Web hosting; necessary approvals from City and Florida FWC) and, of overriding concern, corporate or private funding sources.  There is a planned educational component, which could be integrated into public and private schools' curricula.

I feel there are opportunities here for media outlets, the cable company and electric utility company, and the City of Pembroke Pines to all join forces and help make this happen. A major corporate sponsor may consider the good will that can result from their visibility in supporting this effort.

Think about this-- look at the statistics at the bottom of the main page of this FORUM. In less than one year there have been 46,000 visits to this FORUM.  An eagle nest camera would attract many more "hits," as students and the general public tune in repeatedly to see the details of the domestic life of these magnificent birds! Imagine having your company's name spread across the top of the Pembroke Pines Eagle Web Cam page.

You will note that the DRAFT minutes of the Steering Committee contain sobering information about the lack of parking and viewing space at the nest site. Nest watchers will be limited to the sidewalk on the north side of Pines Boulevard. There will be no relief-- not even the possibility of having an elevated observation deck until at least the fall of 2011, when a new sidewalk will be installed on the south side of Pines, in front of the nest. This means TWO breeding seasons will pass without any accommodations for nest observers. Another important advantage of having a Nest Cam is that there would be much less disturbance and vehicular traffic at the nest site, as many would elect to do their viewing from the comfort of their home computer.

The minutes may be viewed at the link on the main Web page, along with other pertinent documents, such as the FDOT report that explains the restrictions that are to be placed along the highway. Here is a direct link to the main page-- look under the "Steering Committee Documents."