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In order to make it easier for us to navigate this FORUM, we now have the posts organized into topical Sub-Forums, listed above this message. With experience, the number and clarity of definition of these categories will be refined. In the meantime, if your subject CLEARLY fits one of the established categories above, please click on its folder and post it there.

If not, or if you are uncertain, just don't worry about categorizing it and post to the general "miscellaneous" list below. Eventually, new categories will be added, and your post may be moved to one of them.  In fact, by doing it this way we can see ways to improve the Sub-Forum categories.

Our Pembroke Pines Eagle Watch Forum has grown quite rapidly. It now contains over 300 Topic threads, many with several follow-up posts, and has attracted more than 55,000 views. The Forum started out simply as a tool for eagle watchers to report happenings at the nest and coordinate their schedules to provide better on-site coverage and interpretation during times of peak visitation of the nest site. It evolved to include a wide range of interesting topics, mostly relating to Bald Eagles and other raptors, issues of habitat protection and general conservation.

As a direct result of the active concerns of eagle watchers, the Mayor of the City of Pembroke Pines threw his support behind an effort to preserve the nest tree property as a Bald Eagle Sanctuary.    

If you have questions about the new Sub-Forums, and, particularly if you have suggestions about how to best organize the Sub-Forums, such as new categories, clearer category titles and descriptions, please reply to this post. That way we can all work on making this an even more interesting and useful resource for eagle watchers and all lovers of nature who read and use this Forum.