Pembroke Pines Eagle Nest Camera Planning Update

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Pembroke Pines Eagle Nest Camera Planning Update

FDOT has the Pembroke Pines Bald Eagle Sanctuary Steering Committe's proposal for a nest camera under consideration.

An interesting development-- we have learned that ownership of the light pole across Pines Boulevard from the nest had been transferred from FDOT to the City of Pembroke Pines some time ago. We initially believed that it was still under FDOT control.

Since FDOT has considered the nest camera to be a cooperative venture with the City, this should not change the status of the envisioned project. FDOT is developing a cost estimate that will include the necessary equipment and installation of the camera, and hopefully a commitment for initial support of operating costs.

If a wireless camera is to be used, a microwave antenna would need to be placed high on the pole in the same plane as a receiver that is linked to a broadband modem. There are many towers that might serve to host the receiver. Below is an example of one, in the parking lot of West Broward High School.

It remains to be seen whether FPL and Comcast/NBC might be invited to participate by providing resources for services such as electric power, broadband service and web hosting.

However, the role of the City in installing and maintaining the camera must first be worked out, and a host for the receiver and broadband connection needs to be identified. Possibilities would be a City, County, Community College or School Board facility, if not FDOT.