Pending Road Construction may disturb eagles on nest

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Pending Road Construction may disturb eagles on nest

Here is a recap of correspondence concerning the NW Miami nest (FEB 11-13)

Hi Ken

I went to our Civic Meeting on Tuesday and the contractor and his lawyers were there. They said they were going to begin construction from Miami Gardens Drive all the way to 181st street. That ts where the eagle nest is located. They were not aware the eagle nest is there. I don't know what happens next but  they sure didn't seem to care. The contractors name is XXX. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Thank you

I forwarded these concerns to Michelle Vandeventer, FWC Eagle Watch Coordinator:

[This resident] who lives near the new Bald Eagle nest with temporary designation DA941 [is concerned], as the road construction will occur very near the nest. Are steps being taken to prevent disturbance as this is occurring in the heart of the breeding season? Is the contractor monitoring the nest? Are they aware of their obligations under FWC guidelines? Who has responsibility for assuring that disturbance does not result in injury, death or abandonment of the nest?

Michelle responded:

Thank you all for your concern and the information provided.  I am working with FWC staff in the area to better understand circumstances and next steps.

I also copied Matt Smith, who replied:

Ken, thanks for copying me here.

 EagleWatch has a new volunteer that is monitoring this nest and FWC Law Enforcement has been called to the site more than once, including today due to concerns about disturbance. I’m working with FWC to get this addressed.

Matt Smith
Florida Audubon EagleWatch Coordinator

Thanks, Matt-- please keep [us] posted if you learn any more about what measures FWC may be taking to protect the nest site.