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Re: Has the PP brood been lost?

Lots of sad things going on all over the country with eagles lately. The loss of E14 in Ft Myers was horrible 

On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 11:23 AM NewMexiKen [via Bald Eagles of Broward County, Florida] <[hidden email]> wrote:
I have been increasingly concerned that the first brood was lost, possibly when there were wind storms which appeared to have damaged the right side of the nest and diverted the parents' attention to rehabilitating the nest.


DEC 7 - consensus of ground observers that eggs were present that day or maybe a day or two before, as exchange of incubation duties was witnessed several times. Expected hatch date (5 weeks) on or before JAN 4

DEC 24 - Adult carrying grass to nest

JAN 2 - Incubation exchange; Male sitting high as if possibly  "tenting" an eaglet, looking down. Female then also was sitting higher after exchange.

JAN 4 & 10 -- High winds buffeted the nest and part of the right side appears to have fallen down.

JAN 10 -- Both adults moving sticks, building up the rim.

JAN 25 -- Adults "copulated." It is not unusual for the male to mount the female outside the normal mating season, but might it be possible that she was fertile and receptive because the first brood was lost? There was a prey drop, usually a sign that eaglets are present, but was this a courtship "gift" which we has accompanied copulation in the past?

Remember that this happened with the same female (Jewel) during the 2015-16 season. The nest was damaged and first brood lost around JAN 19, 2016. We thought they had abandoned the nest around JAN 28, 2016, but they reappeared the next day. Her second clutch of eggs was probably laid around FEB 10 and hatched MAR 16; the first eaglet was seen on MAR 31, 2016. (We usually see an eaglet by the time it is 2-2 1/2 weeks old).

Since then, the adults have been sitting very deep in the nest and taking turns as if incubating and no prey drops have been noted.

Phil shares my concerns-- He wrote (Feb 11) and provided this photo--

Hi Ken,
I was out to the nest this morning for almost an hour, till 10:45. I observed Pride down low in the nest. He looked up once as if looking for his mate, than went back down in the nest and could not be seen...

After today’s visit to the nest, I agree with you. I don’t think there are any Eaglets and they either have a second clutch or trying to have one.

Trying to be objective and throwing away my wishful thinking, it appears doubtful, to me, there will be Eaglets this season.

I have been reviewing my notes of past years and by this time we should have seen or heard babies. Also, the adults behavior and interactions are so very different than years past. I guess all we can do is watch and wait and see what plays out.


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Re: Has the PP brood been lost?

sad news for both pairs hope they have a second brood this year