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Re: MAY 6: Good new-- eaglet found, unharmed

KellyHeffernan Proj Perch
It is good news that the eaglet was found nearby and unharmed.  It takes a village to protect native wildlife from the hazards we have created for them in their now urbanized environments.

It is really great that this forum allows caring people to share their observations and pictures but also allows you all to coordinate your efforts, help protect them when you see them being disturbed and come to their aid when they are in trouble.  Some people don't agree with nest locations being publicized, but when it helps to protect and educate and give the eagles a helping hand when they need it is most, then it is in their best interest.  

Keep up the great work.  We look forward to seeing the eaglet make it's way back up to the nest on the forum, your friends at the Burrowing Owl Cam. 

Kelly Heffernan
SFAS's Project Perch
(978) 412-5313

Later in the afternoon it was reported that the wildlife rescue team discovered the eaglet perched in a tree closer to the ground. If grounded, a newly fledged eagle will normally "ladder" its way back up to the nest, so we may now expect to see both remaining on the nest to be fed. Within a week or two they usually begin foraging with the adults and will spend less time on the nest.

Ken Schneider
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