SEP 10: All three eagles over west Miramar

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SEP 10: All three eagles over west Miramar

The eagles are flying over to Sunset Lakes area almost every morning.

On SEP 6 we photographed a juvenile immature bird, most surely Jewel, following the usual course from the area of the nest to the large lake in Sunset Lakes, at 7:06 AM, about 3 minutes after sunrise:

Yesterday (SEPT 10) I was amazed when all three flew in single file along the same route at 7:07 AM also 3 minutes after sunrise. The male (Pride) was leading, with the adult female (JOY) 11 seconds behind. The juvenile (Jewel) followed 12 seconds behind her mother (timing based on camera exposures as they passed by). The photos are poor because of the distance and poor light. Had trouble focusing on Pride and only a more distant shot was sharp enough.

Pride leads the family:

Joy follows:

Jewel trails the adults: