SEP 11: Pines eagles rebuilding nest

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SEP 11: Pines eagles rebuilding nest

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Although the female eagle has been seen in the area of the Pembroke Pines nest several times over the past few weeks, yesterday (September 11) both were there together. They remained in place for an entire hour between 8:30 - 9:30 AM. Researchers do not always concur, but the female is said to usually be the one to select the nest location.

This morning Luis and Dave reported that they are actively gathering nesting materials and bringing them to the site of the new nest which failed this spring. They also were seen copulating or attempting to do so.

The 2021-2022 breeding season has started early. They had gotten off to a late start last season because of losing the first brood the previous year and had to tend to an eaglet almost into September. Perhaps not needing to care for a brood has re-set their biologic clocks.  

Let's hope that they do a better job of constructing the nest than last season!

On September 11. male (Pride) was roosting near the site of the original (old) nest:

The female (Jewel) was roosting above the remains of the failed nest. Her position corresponded to the placement of the main nest platform (bole) which separated and began the process which ended with the grounding of both eaglets. One died and the other was successfully rehabilitated and released to the wild.