Saturday FEB 1 -- No feeding 8:15 to 10:30 AM

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Saturday FEB 1 -- No feeding 8:15 to 10:30 AM

I arrived at the eagle nest at 8:15 AM this morning and watched until 10:35. Phil and Mary joiined me shortly after. The male was not in the area and the female was roosting in the melaleucas to the west for the first 45 minutes.

Early on there was very little activity in the nest. One eaglet popped up briefly a few times for the first hour or so, then both appeared and seemed active. We thought they may be feeding themselves a few times.

The female then flew out from the west and passed in front of the nest, rose and disappeared to the southeast. At about 10:18 the male flew in from the west, not carrying prey, and perched on top of one of the tall pines along the road just west of the nest.

He balanced there for a couple of minutes, then flew east to roost in one of the pines along SW 208th just south of Pines Blvd. I left Lee and Blackadile Dun Dee to wait for a feeding, if it ever was delivered.