Saw both eagles at the park this evening

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Saw both eagles at the park this evening

Hello all,

I was able to see both eagles at the park in a tree near last years nest tree, so both are healthy and alive, but I'm looking from the park side facing south from the other side of the lake so it's a little hard to tell if it was the nest tree. So when I arrived the female was in the tree alone, and around 7pm the male came flying in on the scene chasing a small Ibis, as some of you know the Ibis come to the park at the end of the day everyday to sleep for the night, and that was when the male eagle was chasing it, but he did not succeed with the catch, while he made a valiant effort I thought. The female just sat there and watched. I was able to get a few shots of him, but they were so far away, they didn't turn out too well. They do have the bike trail open on that end of the park now, so there will be more activity for the eagles this year. Not sure how that will effect them. Looking forward to a great season, hope it works out well for the eagles.


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