September 21: Nestoration in progress

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September 21: Nestoration in progress

I arrived at the nest at about 9:10 AM.  Heavy rain was visible on Pines Boulevard about a mile to the east. This was going to be a short stop.

Luis and Phil were there. Restoration of the nest was underway. They were watching as the male (Pride) made two trips to fetch sticks for the nest. He had flown out several minutes previously, presumably to gather more building material. The female (Jewel) was sitting alone in the nest. Only her distinctive large head with high crown and substantial brow was visible:

Within seconds of my arrival, Pride returned with large stick. He came in so fast that I was just saying hello and none of us were ready with the camera. He held the stick up high:

Then he worked to place it deep in the nest:

He struggled a  bit, under Jewel's watchful eyes:

Note the difference in head shape. Pride has  almost no forehead--  unless he raises his feathers there is almost a straight line from the top of his bill to the back of his head:

Pride then stood up, ready to fly:

He actually only flew up to the nest support branch. In the meantime, the rain was falling only about a block east of the nest. I hurried to the car and got in just as it started pouring! All my photos were taken within a 4-5 minute period.