September 29: Both adults nestorationing

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September 29: Both adults nestorationing

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I watched the nest briefly this morning, for about 30 minutes from 9:20 AM. The wind was blowing and the view of the nest was often obscured by swaying branches. When I arrived the male (Pride) was barely visible, roosting on the right nest support branch. Later, my  first photos would show that the female (Jewel) was resting deep in the nest. Her bill is barely visible through the spaces between the branches in  the lower left corner of this photo. Pride's head is visible at upper right corner:

Suddenly, Jewel was sitting high in the nest. At the time I thought she  had just flown in from the back of the  nest:

Jewel looked up at Pride and he flew down into the nest:

Jewel greeted Pride with a recognition ritual which appears to be hostile but is probably part of the behavior of a bonded pair:

Jewel wanted to move some sticks but Pride seemed to disagree:

Pride then gave up and flew back up to roost: