Tethered towers for nest camera platform

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Tethered towers for nest camera platform

In the event that FWC is not favorably disposed to allowing a camera to be placed on the nest tree, a pole mount would be necessary. If a pole or tower were placed near the nest, it could double as a roosting spot, and a fall-back platform for an artificial nest in case the nest tree is ever destroyed.

A "telephone pole" would require heavy machinery to auger a very deep hole. An alternative could be a tower that is tethered by three or more guy wires. Such a pole would rest on a concrete pad. The guy wires would need to be anchored in concrete footings, but hand-digging might be feasible, and the concrete could be pumped into the site via a large hose. These towers, once anchored at the base, can be pulled up using manual labor.

The downside of a tethered tower is that the cables themselves could create a collision hazard to the eagles or other larger birds.

Grant Campbell of the Bald Eagle Steering Committee provided links to some sites that offer antenna towers for us to check out before the next meeting.

Grant says,  "With these modular towers,you can achieve any desired height by varying the connection points for the guy wires. If we decide to go this route, engineered drawings and permits from the city and from FWC will be required. Once the concrete is in 2-3 people could easily erect and tie off a 40-50' tower."