The Miramar Eagles have landed!

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The Miramar Eagles have landed!

It is known that Eagles mate for life....The Miramar couple is back in their claimed territory...reunited and now are spending a lot of time together...

They raised a couple of strong eaglets that fledged back in May...And now their nature called them to repeat the feat!

Back in December/January they had two eaglets...The female stayed about two weeks almost 100% of the time in the nest while the male fished and hunted...The eaglets needed to be feed up to 8 times a day...

By May their nest was almost destroyed...wear and tear and wind, rain and storms helped...
So they need to rebuild the nest to give shelter and protection to their future chicks...Is a daunting task! but they do it year after year..

They are ready and up to the task ahead!