The fledgling eaglet has not returned to the nest

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The fledgling eaglet has not returned to the nest

Eaglets are about 68 days old today. One, probably the female eaglet (P Piney 24) has fledged and the other is hanging around in nest.

We can hear the fledgling eaglet calling from the wooded area. Yesterday Luis saw her in a palm tree very near the sidewalk, to the east, but was unable  to get a photo because of all the intervening foliage. She is capable of flight. This morning she was calling from a point somewhat behind the nest and rather distant. The eaglets tended to respond to each others' calls. Please report any sightings here.

The female parent (Jewel) was roosting in the nest tree when I arrived. She was partially obscured in the foliage:

The adult male (Pride) flew in and roosted in the tall pine tree to the east of the nest:


A Northern Mockingbird was harassing Pride but he mostly ignored the intrusion: