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Update on the PSN nest

An eagle watcher in Palm Springs North writes:

Is it possible for another pair to take over the nest once the others have left?There was no activity for almost two weeks then I noticed what looked to me like a larger female in the nest. She is there every morning. Was this the time of year when the original eagles would leave? It just seems like something different is going on? Any news on the shopping center being canceled?

My reply:

Thanks for the update. This has been a very unusual year for the eagles. The wet "summer-like" winter seems to have disrupted their normal cycle. Many first broods have failed and several pairs are nesting for a second time. The juvenile eagles s would have normally fledged by now and would have departed northward by the end of May or early June.

The few  reports I have had about the PSN eagles have been that there was no activity at the nest , usually early in the mornings. I went by only once about two weeks ago in the afternoon and again saw no eagles.

Thanks so much for this information. I feared that the construction and increased disturbance from the widened roadway may have discouraged them from breeding.

As for the planned construction of the shopping center I have not heard any updates. The official Palm Springs North municipal web site is not very informative. Perhaps some of the readers of this FORUM may know more about this. We also need more reports on activity at this nest-- is it possible that they also are breeding late?