Use this Sub-FORUM for observations beginning August 1, 2015 - July 31, 2016

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Use this Sub-FORUM for observations beginning August 1, 2015 - July 31, 2016

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Because the eagles raised a second brood and the surviving eaglet (Spirit) is lingering in the nest area  we will keep this sub-forum active for an extra month until August, when hopefully the adults may begin preparing to raise a new brood. The"Official" 2016-2017 breeding season starts October 1, 2016


It is a bit arbitrary, but we are between breeding seasons and the adult eagles have persisted in the area of the nest to an extent that has not been observed in prior summers.

Perhaps the bonding process influences the behavior of the male to keep returning to the nest in order to assure that the new female is entirely comfortable there.

Or, perhaps the eagles have done this in previous years but we are monitoring the nest more closely, resulting in more reports.

In any event, let's start contributing to this new sub-FORUM beginning with observations on and after August 1, and hopefully through the anticipated 2015-2016 breeding season (officially October 1 through May 15th).

Thanks to those (especially Maria Rosa) who have taken the time to notice the adults and contribute their summer sightings. The adults (one or both)  are particularly present in the early morning and evening, suggesting that they may often spend their nights in the area of the nest.

Observations and photos for the previous breeding seasons, (including the 2014-2015 season) may be accessed at THIS LNK

Best wishes to all!