Adults at nest OCT 26 & 27

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Adults at nest OCT 26 & 27

I visited the nest at about 9:30 AM on October 26 and watched for a half hour. After checking the usual roosting places I concluded that the adults were not present. I dismissed a shadow on the right nest support branch as a bunch of leaves, but when I got home and took a good look on the computer screen I realized that it was an eagle. Here is the image:

The next morning (Oct 27) I got there again at about the same time, and here is what I saw, a replay of the day before:

The same "shadow," now obviously an eagle, right? No! There were TWO eagles roosting very close to each other, as one flew out, leaving this one still there:


Luis arrived just as the eagle was flying out and he got good flight shots which identified it as Pride, the male, meaning that the remaining bird is his mate, Jewel. The nest appears to have fresh material. Luis had visited the nest area earlier, at 8:00 AM, and found both of the pair roosting on the large lone pine at the SW corner of Pines Blvd and 209th Avenue.