DEC 22: Branch obstructing view of nest after storm

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DEC 22: Branch obstructing view of nest after storm

This morning (DEC 22) Phil reported:

I was at the nest early this morning with Luis. Unfortunately, yesterday’s wind bent a branch (from above the nest) that is now obstructing the view of the entire nest.

I replied:

Bad news. I hope they continue to incubate. They tend to choose nests with a wide field of view which also provides safe landing under various wind conditions. Time will tell. Do you think the branch is actually touching the nest?

Phil replied:

It’s difficult to determine because the loss of depth perception since the nest is so far away. I don’t think it interferes with the nest bowl. Just obstructs the view on the street side...  They are flying in from the east and south east as they changed shifts. I think they will be ok.