FEB 6: Pride drinking in puddle

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FEB 6: Pride drinking in puddle

Phil provided this alarming observation on FEB 6. Pride is facing away in the photo, with his head down into the roadside drainage ditch--

Ken, as I approached the nest area at 4:44,  I observed Pride land on the grass on Pines Blvd. approximately 75 feet east of 208 Ave.  We have seen him land there several times before.  I watched and tried to photograph him.

This is the best photo I was able to get. I did observe that he goes there to drink the water that puddles up there. He only remained for a couple minutes, at most. Than he took off north over Pines Blvd.

He narrowly missed being struck by a truck that was traveling east. Pride circled around and returned to the nest. He fed both Eaglets and than perched on a branch to the lower east of the nest. I watched him for about an hour then departed.