MAR 16: Both eagles on nest 2:00 PM

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MAR 16: Both eagles on nest 2:00 PM

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I arrived at the nest at about 1:15 PM and found an adult roosting on the left branch that supports the nest.  I really was not sure which one it was because both its head and tail were hidden.  

At 1:27 the eagle started preening and I could tell by the head shape and deep gape that it was the female. I also could see dark tips on the tail feathers and some dark feathers among the undertail coverts.

Her tail feathers were worn but there was no sign of molt.

She waited patiently but began looking up as if expecting company.  Finally, at 1:53, the male arrived.

The male started moving sticks around in the nest.

The female joined him on the nest...

...then returned to her original perch on the left.

After a few minutes, the male flew up to roost on the right branch...

...and soon flew back down on the nest...

...settling deep into the nest as the female watched.

The female briefly joined him in the nest but a truck jake brake and air horn made a very loud noise and this startled both eagles. The male flew off immediately.

The female remained for a moment but soon exited the nest to the rear, at about 2:20 PM..