MAR 26: Older eaglet flapping; mockingbird attacks adult

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MAR 26: Older eaglet flapping; mockingbird attacks adult

MaryLou and I visited the nest at about 7:50 AM. Luis was already there.The older eaglet is about 7 weeks old (49 days) and was flapping vigorously. Its flight feathers have not yet entirely emerged. The next big event to be anticipated is when the eaglets start to "helicopter" in place above the nest and climb out on the branches.

Consulting the summary of "Major Milestone" events in the table at THIS LINK reveals that, over the past 8 breeding seasons, branching/helicoptering of the first eaglet has occurred between 60 and 77 days of age. This means that P Piney 17 (awaiting a new name) could start this behavior as soon as 2-3 weeks from now. This will be a critical period during which eaglets are at increased risk of falling either because of a stray wind gust or a disturbance from any source, such as a loud noise or unusual human activity near the nest.

I did not obtain a good photo of both eaglets because I was occupied by some drama to the east of the nest. The female (Jewel) was roosting on the top of a pine near the SW corner of Pines & SW 108th Avenue. A Northern Mockingbird began attacking her. This is not unsual, though most of this behavior has normally been directed at newly fledged juvenile rather than adult eagles.

I captured a sequence of images. The adult never vacated her perch and the mockingbirds stopped bothering her after a few minutes.