OCT 18: Eagle sighting at the Johnson & Palm Cell Tower

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OCT 18: Eagle sighting at the Johnson & Palm Cell Tower

I received this note from Ernie about the Pembroke Pines Cell Tower pair:

I have lived in Pembroke Pines since 1974.  I am always looking out at wildlife.  I joined to see if anyone else had spotted a Bald Eagle in our area. I saw the one fly onto the radio tower near the dog park Sunday Morning [October 18] about 10:00 AM.  That's how I came across this blog.  

I also saw the West Broward Eagles way back in 2008 before they had been made a big deal about. It was exciting I saw one of them flying over Pines Boulevard with a snake in its talons.  I am wondering about the ones on the tower, where do you think they are from?

My reply:

This is interesting, as they had  not been reported there since the end of July.

We do not know where they may have been nesting, or whether they were newly paired up. Their presence last breeding season made us suspect that they might build a nest on the cell  tower. So far a nest has not been located in that general area, but breeding season is getting underway and maybe someeone will see them carrying sticks  to a nest site.

Everyone:  Please keep an eye out for them in the area within a mile or so of Palm & Johnson, and of course check the cell tower across Johnson just south of the dog park..