Pembroke Pines City Commission acts on eagle protection policies

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Pembroke Pines City Commission acts on eagle protection policies

Sharon Williams reported that the conservation policies to protect the eagles were passed by the Pembroke Pines City Commission on first reading and were reviewed favorably by the Florida Department of Community Affairs.  The second reading and adoption is scheduled for 9/21/10.  

From the City of Pembroke Pines Web site:

SUMMARY EXPLANATION AND BACKGROUND (Supporting documents for Agenda of August 18, 2010 City Commission meeting):

1.  At the 4/21/2010 City Commission meeting, The Commission requested staff to prepare an information packet in their motion to pass Proposed Ordinance No. 2010-10 on first reading (2010-10 is now bifurcated into 2010-16ARA and 2010-17ARB Comprehensive Plan  text amendments on this evening's agenda).
2.  In the spring of 2008, a bald eagle nest was discovered on the City's Chambers plat property on the south side of Pines Boulevard, west of 208th Avenue.  
3.  In response to concerns of residents to protect the eagles as well as the residents who wanted to view the eagles and eaglets, the Bald Eagle Sanctuary Steering Committee was formed.  The Steering Committee recommended the creation of an eagle protection ordinance based on many of the guidelines of the FWC management plan (see Exhibit 2).
4.  The proposed policies in the Conservation Element (Proposed Ordinance No. 2010-17ARB) are recommended by the Bald Eagle Sanctuary Steering Committee and provide the foundation for the creation of an eagle protection ordinance (see exhibit 3).  An update to Objective IV and the addition of Policies 4.24 though 4.27(highlighted in Exhibit 3) address this issue.
5.  Attached for your information is an executive summary prepared by the Bald Eagle Sanctuary Steering Committee, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Bald Eagle management plan.  
6.  Staff will present to Commission drafts of the proposed ordinance in the near future.

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The entire document may be viewed at this link on the main Eagle Watch web page. Here are pertinent excerpts:

Proposed Policies 1.4 and 4.27 have been added pursuant to House Bill 697 and are
consistent with the Broward County Conservation Element's adopted policies. In addition,
the City is proposing to modify Objective IV and add policies 4.24 through 4.26 providing
for the preservation and protection of the city's Bald Eagle active Bald Eagle nest. Tables
CE-1 and 2 have also been updated.

In 2007, the City's first active Bald Eagle nest was identified and Proposed Policies 4.24
through 4.26 have been added to protect and preserve the nest as well as a provide the
foundation for the adoption of an eagle sanctuary protection ordinance.

Conserve, protect, maintain or improve native vegetative communities, wildlife
habitats, wetlands, Bald Eagle nesting sites, and marine habitats through 2015 in
accordance with Broward County and City of Pembroke Pines standards.

Policy 4.24 - The City shall protect and preserve Bald Eagle nesting sites and
promote educational programs for the residents by establishing a Pembroke Pines
Bald Eagle Sanctuary Protection ordinance to be adopted no later than September

Policy 4.25 - Identify, prioritize, and recommend alternative actions to control public
access and coordinate with federal, state, regional, county and local agencies to
explore safe parking options and viewing areas during nesting season.

Policy 4.26 - Continue to coordinate with the Eagle Sanctuary Steering Committee
in the development of plans and in the identification of funding sources for
sanctuary activities including the installation of a web cam, public education
programs, signage, and research.


Of interest, the conservation policies contain an updated list of birds  which have been sighted in Broward County regional parks. The specific parks in which sightings have taken place are noted.